Meeting Times

Sunday School:      9:00 am on Sundays 

                                    (Classes for all ages) 
Worship Service: 
10:15 am on Sundays
Midweek Classes: 
7:00 pm on Wednesdays 

                                     (Classes for all ages) 

Our Mission: "With God as our authority and Jesus Christ as our example, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to remain faithful to His Word through Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Outreach."

What's Happening?

Jesus said,  "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." —John 10:10

Let's grow together in Christ.

I count it a privilege to serve the Lord at California Road Missionary Church, and I’ve been amazed at the great things God is doing in each of our lives.  I’m grateful to be a part of a church family that desires to see people as God sees them and has a vision for helping others know the freedom that comes by serving Him.  I’m always so impressed when I see the church family functioning like a healthy body should: where people know their areas of strength and use those strengths to serve alongside others in a complimentary way.  As this happens, needs are met, the body is strengthened, and lives are forever changed.  My heart’s desire is to see people know the freedom that comes through hearing, accepting, and applying Truth.  It’s in this way of living, that we are freed to become all that God intended.

– Pastor Bud